We can be reached by phone Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00.
However, due to the nature of our business, we are not always able to
answer the phone, so sending an email is usually quicker.

Address and contact details

Brouwerij de Hemel
Franseplaats 1,
024-360 61 67

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Come check out De Hemel! The beers, the people, the process and the technology. Discover and taste everything that makes De Hemel De Hemel. A unique insight into the oldest craft beer brewery in the Netherlands.

How many beers do we taste during a brewery visit?

After the tour, you will get to taste six beers on tap. This includes one seasonal beer. This is expandable to 10 varieties if necessary. We serve the tasting in 9cl tasting glasses, so in total you drink the volume of about 2 'normal' glasses (or 3.5 for the extended tasting).

I want to throw a bachelor party. Is that possible?

Groups of 10 or more can online reserve for a guided tour. However, we only accept bachelor parties early in the day (last start time is 14:00), and not inebriated. Our guides may refuse drunk groups. Any deposits paid will not be refunded in this case.

When is the brewery shop open?

Our shop is open during and after tours, which is at least on Saturdays in the afternoon. We are also present on weekdays, but the brewers don't have much time to sell beers in between brewing. You can, however, pick up a webshop order on weekdays. Place an order and choose the option 'pick up at the brewery'. We will then get your order ready for you to pick up!

Can we also taste something other than beer?

Of course, we are a brewery, so our emphasis is on beer! But we also understand that there are people who do not like beer, these people we especially invite to try some of our home-made distillates (produced under the name Distillery ANIMA And for those who cannot or do not want to drink any alcohol at all, we have soft drinks available.

Where can you find Brouwerij de Hemel?

Our brewery is located in the heart of Nijmegen, behind the Waagh, in the cellars of the historic building De Commanderie. Our address is: Franseplaats 1, 6511 VS Nijmegen. For the brewery visit, you can walk through the restaurant. There you will see a staircase down where our brewery can be found.

Where can I buy Brouwerij de Hemel's beers?

Brewery de Hemel is locally oriented, within Nijmegen most supermarkets and off-licences carry Hemel beers. Do you live further away? Then our webshop is the best option.

We would like to have something to eat at your place before or after our visit to the brewery, is that possible?

The brewery itself is not a regular bar/restaurant, we only offer guided tours with tastings (and possibly pub snacks). For lunch, dinner or drinks, please refer to our neighbours at Restaurant de Hemel. They have all Hemel beers on tap available, and serve lunch and dinner!

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