Step into beer lover's paradise, where we celebrate the heavenly art of brewing
embrace. Discover our packages: from tasty beer tastings to special
guided tours of Nijmegen. Taste, enjoy and let your taste buds soar in beery
ecstasy. Heaven on earth begins here, with every sip you take.

27,50/per person

  • Discover the story of the Liberation
  • Cycle or walk through historic Nijmegen
  • Drink the city's oldest special beer

City walk Door Nijmegen & Guided tour with beer tasting

Cecile from Door Nijmegen offers several themed walks. Combine a walk in the city with a tour and beer tasting in our brewery!
Groups can visit the brewery all week by appointment. After the tour, you will taste 6 or 10 Heavenly beers.

At the historical walk Nijmegen Old Town you will visit places with the best stories with the occasional surprising corner of Nijmegen. End the day in the brewery and taste Nijmegen's oldest special beers.

Cost city tour €125 per group. Price tour with tasting in the brewery from €15 per person. Total price from €27.50 per person, depending on the options chosen and group size. Total duration of package 3-4.5 hours. Tailor-made arrangements in consultation.

43,-/per person

  • Explore Nijmegen on e-step or scooter
  • Guided tour of the brewery
  • Taste 6 special beers

E-Step or E-Chopper tour &
Guided tour with beer tasting

Ride around with the group on electric scooters or Choppers and then discover the world of beer? Then book this package from Nijmegen Outdoor!

See the highlights of Nijmegen and cross through the nearby nature. Park the scooter or chopper and walk to the brewery to end the day with craft beer! Learn how we have been making Hemels beer for years and taste six of our tastiest beers. For the tasting you need a minimum of 8 people.

Programme ( 3h 45m )

  • Check-In
  • Reception & explanation
  • Estep tour (2 hours)
  • Guided tour of Brewery de Hemel
  • Beer tasting 6 special beers

15,-/per person

  • Discover Nijmegen
  • Group walk or individual audio tour
  • Walking route on your phone

City tour Nymatours & Guided tour with beer tasting

Combine our tour with tasting with a package from Nymatours. Take an audio tour independently or join a guided walking or cycling tour!

Nymatours prices are from €119.95 per group for a guided walk & €15 per person for the brewery tour with beer tasting of 6 beers. Individual audio tour followed by a guided tour with beer tasting of 6 beers for €39.95 per person. Tailor-made arrangements in consultation.

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